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“[As a tutor] you will give support to build a solid, successful learning environment. You will establish a base for improved self-confidence by helping an adult-learner define and reach his or her literacy goals. By helping another human being, you will provide an invaluable gift. Your time and talents will shape another’s destiny!”

Demystifying Adult literacy for Volunteer Tutors by Charlene L. Ball


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Gordon A. Hills CD, msc, BSA, MSc, PhD, P.Ag – Being a Tutor

Floyd was keen to learn and a keen learner. We did fun things together as we learned how to use banking machines and read the names on stores . Floyd is successfully learning to read and write. I had to sit at his kitchen table in December while he completed his Christmas cards. We had birthday cake for his 79th birthday.

When I met Floyd, I soon realized he was a highly intelligent man whose life had continued to deal deuces instead of Kings and Queens. He was 78 years old and mourning the loss of his wife who had supported him greatly throughout their years together.

I was introduced to Floyd with no training or experience as a volunteer literacy tutor. My wife had previous successful experiences as an English language learner tutor. In my retirement she thought I might enjoy continuing my career as a teacher and that I might enjoy working with CLASS.


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